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Well – doesn’t time fly? I’ve only just realised that it has been several months since the last newsletter and it will soon be Christmas. So I’d better take this opportunity of bringing you all up to speed with the crops we’ll be bringing in for the festive season. In addition to the usual seasonal fruit and veg, we can now offer a wider range of fruit juices, we’ve stocked up on the Italian organic pasta and we will shortly have cases of the new season organic olive oil. As usual we will soon offer mistletoe from the mistletoe capital of the country – Tenbury Wells in Worcestershire! It has certainly been a better growing season in 2015 and those of you who are growers as well as running box schemes will have benefitted from having good volumes of your own crops this year. Fortunately for Phoenix, you haven’t yet perfected the growing of citrus and bananas, so there are still some reasons to come and see us!



We are well and truly into the winter crops now and this is the time of year when so many of our traditional crops are at their best. Many of the cabbages are a good size, with plenty of green leaf. Similarly, the kales are looking very appealing at the moment, and the pigeons have so much other choice that they are ignoring them until the snows fall. Although the growing season has been good for most crops, we have had problems maintaining continuity of good cauliflowers. We currently have the white and the Romanesque available, but volumes are quite scarce and sometimes the only ones we can source are a bit on the small size, so please accept our apologies for that. We have a very good range of root crops, with several different beetroots, carrots of many colours, plenty of potato varieties and also good quality swede, parsnip and celeriac. The first sprouts have appeared and the quality is very good at the moment. We will certainly try and see that the quality is maintained throughout the Christmas period.



What a season for apples this has been. Everyone seems to have their own bumper harvest in the garden and consequently it has been really difficult to sell them this year. As usual, we have a very wide range of home grown crops to choose from, something for every taste, and they will continue well beyond Christmas this year. The U.K. Conference pears are lovely at the moment, and they will continue for several more weeks as well. There will be the usual seasonal additions of citrus with leaf, dates and hopefully nuts to enjoy as we go through towards Christmas.


Please keep your eyes peeled for notices about order deadlines and transport options. We will do our best to accommodate all requests, but this may not be possible in every case. We know Christmas is a busy (and sometimes stressful) time, so we want to do our best to meet your orders in full. It helps us considerably if you are able to get your orders in early, preferably well before the deadlines. Many of our suppliers, especially those in Spain and Italy, need us to commit to our orders well before the deadlines we give to you! We understand that it is difficult for everyone to know exactly what they need for their order, especially at Christmas, but if you can give us an early indication, and then perhaps tweak it later, at least we stand a better chance of ordering the vast majority of what you need. We always number every order as it comes in, so if produce is limited, earliest orders are always more likely to be successful.


 Have a wonderful festive time and a prosperous 2016.


With Best Wishes from all at Phoenix.

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