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Organic Fruit & Vegetable Suppliers

As organic wholesalers in the UK, our suppliers are crucial to the success of our business. We work with as many local organic farmers and growers as we can, encouraging them to expand their cropping if that is their wish, and advising them about the crops and quality that our customers require. 


We are always happy to talk with potential new suppliers and if you would like to discuss this possibility, please Contact Us

We use National & International Organic Suppliers to ensure Seasonal Fruit & Vegetables and Year Round availability

Many of our suppliers are based in the West Midlands and we use local producers wherever possible. Sometimes, soil types and seasonality mean that we need to use other growers to supplement the local production. These might be regional specialists or they could just be very good growers from a different part of the country.


For example:

  • Cornish and Pembroke growers for early potatoes, early green vegetables and cauliflowers
  • Scottish growers for late season root crops, cabbages and leeks
  • Lancashire and Yorkshire growers for a wide range of salads, green vegetables and unusual crops. 
  • East Anglian growers for onions, carrots, asparagus and cauliflowers
  • Kent for apples and pears to supplement the local orchards

We source products from the UK when they are available and in season.

We also buy directly from Spanish, Italian and French growers and traders for a range of citrus fruits and other crops that are not grown in the UK. 


We started growing organic carrots for Phoenix over 15 years ago and we now grow a wide range of root veg and brassicas for them. Geoff and Steve have an extremely good understanding of organic agriculture and the seasonal difficulties associated with growing organic produce, which for us is a huge help. They always expect good quality crops yet fully realise that organic produce is not always a perfect shape or size. This is a refreshing approach which we don't always get from some supermarket packers. Payment is always prompt and at a price that is fair for both farmer and retailer. Through Phoenix we have confidence for future growth within our business and look forward to supplying them for many years to come.  


James Evans

Mahollam Farm, Herefordshire.

Wholesale Produce Availability

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