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Organic Fruit Wholesalers UK

Organic Produce Origins

Fruit and Vegetable Wholesalers covering the West Midlands and U.K.

Wherever possible our organic produce is grown locally, near to our depot in Bromyard, Herefordshire. We plan crop production and work very closely with many organic farmers and growers both within our region and also elsewhere in the U.K.

Seasonal Organic Fruit Wholesalers

We value the seasonality of our food and aim to stock as much home-produced fresh produce as it comes into season. In order to do this, we have a large number of farmers and growers throughout the U.K. whose crops we welcome as each season appears.

With the increasing demand for organic produce, and the need to maintain availability of staple crops, it is also important to maintain strong links with a range of producers in France, Spain and Italy. This ensures that we can rely on receiving crops throughout the year and that our supply to you is reliable.