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About Organic Food Quality from Phoenix Organics

Maintaining high quality throughout the range of seasonal organic fruit and veg we offer is a high priority at Phoenix.


We believe that quality is a much larger issue than simply the cosmetic appearance of the crop, being more about the merits of an organic production system than the artificial constraints of supermarket specifications.


We try hard to balance the interests of organic producers, whose crops do not grow in uniform shapes and sizes, with those of consumers who want produce that is as fresh as possible, free from pests and disease and typical of the shape, quality and colour that is expected.


Why not check out our Seasonal Produce Availability Guide for more information?

We can supply any business from small retail outlets to large commercial wholesale organisations. Read more about Organic Food


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"We are extremely satisfied with both the friendly and professional service you provide and the quality of the produce you supply."


Rob Lasham

The Cambridge Organic Food Company. 

Wholesale Produce Availability

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