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Quality Control 

We supply Seasonal Wholesale Organic fruit & vegetables across Oxford, Cambridge the Cotwolds and the rest of the UK & Southern Ireland.


All Wholesale organic fruit & vegetables are assessed by our Quality Controllers on arrival at our Depot. This is primarily to ensure that the quality of produce is to the high standards we expect from our suppliers. Importantly, we also check that the weights, counts, labelling of packaging and organic status are correct.


Our staff are trained to understand issues of fresh produce quality and ensure that all orders, whether large or small, are given equal priority. 


As part of our support for the smaller growers, we accept produce of a wider specification than supermarkets, being prepared to accept crops slightly larger or smaller or with some cosmetic blemishes.


We trust that customers understand that this slightly broader interpretation of “acceptable quality” will help to improve the long term viability of organic farmers and growers.


 Please contact us if you would like any further information.


It is great to supply Phoenix with our fruit because they discuss with us what is acceptable quality, they grade our apples fairly and they pay us promptly. What more could a grower ask for?


Clair Wright

Cadmore Valley Fruits

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